Have You Ever Thought Of Feeding Your Cat With Raw Food?

Do you believe in feeding your pet cat the way nature would – with fresh raw meat? Well, if you are shocked by this notion, don’t be, for there are many cat owners who feed their cats the best and cleanest raw meat available instead of canned cat food from groceries and pet shops. There is no need to look at charts or nutritional guides to choose what is best for your cat. The process is very simple, and this is how you choose what to feed your cat.Instead of purchasing commercialized cat food, feed your cat some meat for a change. Here are some recommendations on the various kinds of raw meat available in the market..Basic muscle meat: basic muscle meat is a kind of meat that provides various innards that supply a multi-range of nutritional value, as it comes from all different types of animals. You can also choose to buy cheaper cuts of meat for your pet. It is suitable if you have a tight budget for cat good, and the meats are more on the fatty side.

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Kidneys: Kidneys are easily obtained and cheap. Your cat can have a few kidney meals once in awhile, and beef kidneys are considered the best. Before feeding them to your cats, remember to soak them in cold water first.Lung: As lungs are very cheap, or even free, some cat owners feed it to their pets. Lungs, however, do not consist of much nutritional value, and not many cats like to eat it. If you have to give lungs to your cat, mince it up into tiny bits, specifically pureed.Heart: It is very nutritious compared to the other meats to feed your cat, as it has many nutrients, and conveniently, cats love to eat them.Cow’s udders: It is not highly recommended that you feed cow’s udders to your cat, for it barely consists of any nutritional value, and like lungs, udders are tough to eat. Beware that cow’s udders may carry a diseases that causes mastitis.Liver: Out of the various choices of organs to feed your cat, liver should be your top choice. It holds a huge amount of vitamins, boosts energy levels, and therefore is considered one of the most nutritious meats among all. It is also very rich in Vitamin A, but being pet owners, you must be careful not to give too much to your cat, as it may cause Vitamin A poisoning. Too much raw liver may also cause diarrhea. Therefore, bear in mind that moderation is the key.

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Fiber Content Of Foods – Look For The Fiber Contents On The Food Package

It is a common concept to look for the food contents when you buy a certain product. Many people look at the calories chart on the product package, some look at the sugar and salt level in that specific food. The thing most people ignore is the amount of fiber in a given food product. This is because people do not understand the impotence of fiber in any given food. The presence of fiber in a certain food cancels the effect of carbohydrates which cause in the weight gain. The people who follow the low-carbohydrate diet can have a great benefit with the presence of fiber in a certain food.Fiber Content of Foods: From Medical Point of View

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Fibrous foods ensures in the smooth functionality of the digestive system. Fibrous food flows through the digestive-tract easily and makes the excretion process easy. Hence people who have infections in their digestive-tract and who suffer from other related diseases should also use the fibrous foods. Fibrous food also has the ability to reduce ones weight; this is possible due to the natural ability of the fiber which compels a person to eat less so that the extra calories in the human body can burn without taking extra food. Fibrous food is also believed to be effective for the patients of diabetes. Fibrous food also keep your body active and fresh; this is because of the fact that the fibrous food is not heavy in nature and hence does not exert any pressure on the stomach which results in the smooth functionality of the whole body. Hence it is always a good idea to add the fibrous food in your diet.Looking for the Different Fiber Contents in Foods:It is never easy to find the eatables in which fiber is to be found. This is because fiber is found mainly in the fresh fruits, raw vegetables, nuts and grains. The contents and nutritional values are only printed on the processed food hence it is difficult for one to find the fibrous food with the nutritional values easily. But a little research can help and you can know of all the food materials which are rich in fiber and contain nutritional values both.

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Now that you have found the different fibrous contents of foods, you can create your whole diet-plan. Fibrous foods are found so abundant that you won’t be bored with them; you could always mix different recipes to create a new one. Fibrous foods are also available n the market in the form of snacks and shakes.

Glycemic Index Research – Proper Product Labeling and the Number Chart

There are many foods listed on the glycemic index that cover all basic food groups, but there are numerous other foods that have never been listed. That is one reason that glycemic index research goes on, to enlighten and form a comprehensive list for everyone.Because all major foods have been addressed, most clinical testing today serves to fine-tune the information already available. Foods that have been tested sufficiently in the usual ways of preparation might be tested for variations that are not used as often. Food combinations that are related to a specific dish might be explored, too.It is valuable to have as much information as possible on all foods, but glycemic index research comes with a price tag. It is not a free public service provided by any government, so the companies who give out the numbers must be compensated by someone.

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Due to the publicity generated by the index, food producers whose products are likely to do well on the chart often pay for the glycemic index research.Once tested, a food can add the stamp that validates its number on the list. Obviously, good numbers are what everyone wants, but just being on the list adds a measure of responsibility.Some testing facilities receive grants from various organizations that help promote testing of natural foods that do not have the backing of an organization. Governments might provide limited funding for research if it is something considered for the public good, not just every untested product.Not every test is for glycemic index research. Some goes a step further to incorporate the glycemic index load. As we have seen before, a food that is not well rated on the index may still be good when the load is taken into consideration. Some companies prefer to have the load calculated at the same time the tests are run for the index.Some research is done in connection with blood diseases other than diabetes, and the testing might lead indirectly to glycemic index numbers.Some research incorporates values already on the index as they relate to diet and nutrition. This might involve an extended period of following test groups that comprise those using low index foods for their diets compared to another group that didn’t practice any particular type of diet.

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The Glycemic Research Institute sanctions the label that appears on foods in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It is a violation of federal law to falsify or display that seal if there is no glycemic index research to back it up. It is further illegal to advertise a product as being low in glycemic value if it is not.The ramifications of false advertising or mislabeling foods are serious. Diabetics, hypoglycemics and people with insulin related disorders depend on the GRI markings to know what foods are safe for their consumption.

Reasons For Weight Loss Training

There are many people in US who are suffering from health problems due to over weight. That’s because of unhealthy foods and no proper workouts. So most of the over weight people have decided to join in fat camps. These fat camps have a potential to change the life style of over weight people by treating them with workouts and balanced meal. When you are at these camps they give you hard exercises and dieting chart. There are some people who just try dieting for losing weight but dieting is not a successful way for reducing weight. Well dieting definitely help in improving your eating habits and this is one of the ways to stay fit and healthy. Dieting is an effective method of eating healthy foods but this doesn’t effect in losing weight.

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These camps are less expensive and are very helpful for weight reduction training. They mainly teach you healthy eating habits and workouts. The workouts over here are kind of military style which makes a person fit. There are many reasons that fat camps help you in reducing weight. But the two main reasons for weight reduction are fitness and nutrition.Reasons for weight reduction:Fitness program: Fitness plays an important part in everyone’s life. If you want to stay longer than you need to stay fit. These have a regimen which should be followed in terms of losing weight. These programs are conducted by professional trainer who mainly trains you in burning your calories. These programs organize different kind of activities like kayaking, aerobics, swimming, horse riding, mountain hiking, outdoor sports activities like football and volley ball and many more. This fitness training will push your body to burn the excess fats from the body. You may feel the workouts are hard but these kinds of exercises are necessary for burning your calories. There are many camps which repeat same kind of exercise everyday which can bore people but the fat camps gives you different exercises each day which can either be indoors or outdoors exercises.

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Nutrition and dietitian: Nutrition and dietitian are like two ends where one cannot be separated from other. Nutrition foods play a big role where you learn to eat nutrition food for staying healthy. These camps have a dietitian who knows all the nutrition value of foods and will serve meals according to value of food. They also teach you to prepare food with additional nutritional value items. Generally all the camps prepare meals with nutrition value because it will give energy and strength for workouts. The dietitian here will include plans like diet counseling and plans, weight maintenance and control plans, plans for each meal, seminars on healthy and balanced living according to people way for living.

Mother and Baby Nutrition – Foods to Be Avoided During Pregnancy

During pregnancy women make it a point to rest and remain happy in every way possible without giving a single chance to feel lonely or desperate. To be precise, the family members take extra care when it comes to pregnancy and always try their level best to fulfil all their wishes to the core. The one thing that many of us forget is the importance of mother and baby nutrition that is made possible with a healthy diet regime and moderate exercises. Never forget that this is the primary step to be taken to give birth to a healthy and happy child. It depends greatly on the nutrition taken by the mother during the entire course of nine months. You can find several pregnancy diet charts in baby websites and other sources to give you a good indication and follow up on the same.

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Mother and baby nutrition during pregnancy should consist of wholesome and natural foods stuffed with enough minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, folic acid and fats very important for the development of the baby. Common birth problems like miscarriages, new born defects, still births, low birth weight etc can be controlled to a greater extend by promising healthy pregnancy diet regime.Did you ever know that there is an array of food items to be avoided completely when you are carrying? Mostly, this is advised by the doctor but you never tend to give any importance to this particular aspect.· Mercury seems to be a major component in some of the large fishes like shark, king mackerel or sword fish thus responsible for damaging the nervous system of the baby inside. Listeria known as the bacterium that can harm the unborn is mostly found in fishes when they are eaten raw like sushi or oysters and so must be completely avoided.· Excessive intake of vitamin A specially found in liver seems to be harmful for the baby even though moderate amount are feasible.

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· Alcohol and smoking are two important aspects to be strictly avoided during pregnancy as it can result in learning disability, physical defects and other emotional problem in the baby after birth or before.· Junk foods, oily stuffs, fast foods and greatly processed foodstuffs seems to push out your stomach but has absolutely no nutritional value and do no good for the development of the baby.Many baby websites can give you a good idea about the mother and baby nutrition and the long list of foods that should be avoided and the reason for it.

Type 2 Diabetes – Do You Have These on Your Worst Foods for Diabetics List?

If you have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, it is true you will need to make some changes to the types of foods you eat. But just because you have diabetes, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life, eat well, and live healthy.People with Type 2 diabetes come in different shapes and sizes and with a variety of health risks and medical problems. Your health risks and medical issues, as well as having Type 2 diabetes, also define what you need to do food-wise to help you feel better and live longer. Although you should eat when you are hungry and stop when you are comfortable, it is best to add the following foods to your “No-No” list:Fried chicken. There are so many problems with this food…
one is the total amount of calories or kilojoules.
another is the extremely high amount of fat.
yet another is the fact it is cooked with the skin on, which in itself is bad enough, but is worsened due to the ingredients of the batter that is coated on the skin for frying purposes.

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Processed meats. Here’s the bottom line about processed meats: they have to contain an extremely high sodium or salt content in order to remain edible… notice I didn’t say fresh. Combine the high amount of salt with their high fat content and you will see why your heart wouldn’t approve.Restaurant sandwiches. This encompasses everything from burgers, to fish and chicken sandwiches. These fillings are usually frozen, which means they are packed with additives and preservatives to give them a longer shelf life. Pre-packed sandwich meat also means a very high level of sodium, fat and calories not to mention their really poor nutritional value.Restaurant French fries. French fries, in and of themselves, are not good for you but those prepared in restaurants take that unhealthy tone to a whole new level…
one main reason for this concern is the rancid oil they are often cooked in.
second is the massive amount of sodium layered over them.
third is their obvious fat and caloric content.
Baked goods. These are your:
muffins, etc.

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While there are some healthy brands available, it is all too easy to load-up on the unhealthy versions. These carry the usual negative points of high fat, sugar, carb and calories.Frozen meals. Where to start? Immensely high calories and packed with sodium so they can last in the freezer for a very long time. And don’t even take a close look at the fat content! Our bodies weren’t designed to eat processed foods. There is nothing fresh about these foods or their ingredients, some of which are artificially made.Cookie dough. We might like cookies, but they certainly don’t like your body. Processed cookies, as in the infamous cookie rolls, are loaded with very high fat and calorie counts. Plus, the hydrogenated oil and unsaturated fat contents are almost off the charts.

Proper Nutrition Can Help You to Lose Weight Faster and Get Your Desired Look

Fad diets lack the proper nutritional value and thus do not offer any long time solutions for weight loss. Healthy nutrition is a must when you are looking forward to some effective solutions.• Try to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet as much as possible. You can take a mixture of fresh veggies in salad while having dinner; berries can be added to the breakfast cereal. Vegetables can replace unhealthy French fries from your meals. The canned vegetables can be replaced with frozen varieties. Foods of different colors offer different kinds of nutrients to the diet. Make sure you are incorporating fruits and veggies of all colors like green, white, yellow, orange and red.

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• Whole grains constitute healthy nutritional diet. The foods rich in whole grain include rice, noodles, bread. In the western cultures, use of quinoa, barley is very common. When you shop for whole wheat bread, you need to be well aware of the contents in the food. See the nutritional contents well and check that cereals or bread are not made of plain wheat flour. On the other hand, whole wheat flour is richer in nutritional status.• Apart from the incorporation of these healthy food options mentioned above, it is extremely essential to limit the intake of fatty foods and sugary substances for effective weight loss. Intake of fat from good sources like canola oil and olive oil is beneficial for your health. Stay away from saturated fats, butter if you want to cut down on the levels of trans fat. Increase intake of whole, fresh foods.• You can gain weight even when you are over eating the good foods, so make sure you are eating healthy. You must keep a check on the total calorie count and for this you can get in touch with a nutritionist who can prepare a customized diet chart for you.

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A weight loss program is certainly not about deprivation. It is all about monitoring your calorie intake and moderate exercising. The weight loss program is all about enjoying the fun of eating nutritional foods. With an improved diet plan, you can find your energies reaching new heights. You feel light as well as positive. Even if you find the lifestyle changes hard to maintain in the initial phases, it is essential to focus on your goals and enjoy your new dietary habits in order to get the desired results out of your hard work.

Use Weigh Loss Charts – Then Get a Doctor Before You Make Your Weight Loss Plan

Many people with overweight problem failed to achieve their goals, because they don’t know their needs. What can we do if we want to be a successful? First, you should always check calorie intake when you are accustomed to a diet. Second, it’s wise to ask yourself whether you want to try health foods, a special diet, prescription drug or exercise training. The last thing you should do is to find a coach who can help you reach your goals in your weight loss plan. You should know you can narrow down your selection from all kinds of information from the internet or advertisement. Eventually you can make a realistic plan to help you lose weight.

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Make a weight loss chart is usually helpful to your weight loss plan. If you don’t know how to start, you can download a printable weight loss charts over the internet. On the chart you can find out specific food categories and their respective point values. Then you will get a total number of food points, indicating on the weight loss chart. According to it, you can plan your meals. If you want to controlling metabolism, you should calculate how many points are allowed for each meal and a lesser amount for each snack. Fill in your meals on your printable template trying to achieve a balance from all food groups for nutritional purposes and include a large portion of proteins and vitamin rich meals.Talk with your doctor if you are not smart enough to figure out what weight loss strategies you are missing. Make an appointment with your internist or family physician. While you are waiting for the appointment, get your thoughts together. Make notes on what you want to accomplish through weight loss and list any fears you have. If you tell your doctor how many pounds you want to lose each week, he will help you find out what’s your problem in your plan. Ask about hazards associated with not following the diet and exercise plans. You will also want to know what waist circumference you should shoot for.

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Everyone has problems which he can’t deal with, even though he is very smart and knowledgeable. However, doctors are the best if you want to talk with someone about your weight loss issues.

Food Planning and Shopping

Concentrate on your shopping. For the time that you are in the store it is your profession. Bring along the list of foods you plan to buy for use during the week. Remember the purpose of the list and stick to it. Ignore those sudden impulses; remember the time you spent planning, and go by that plan. It is a good idea to eat before you go to the market. If you shop hungry, you may be tempted to buy more than you need, especially snack-type foods.

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Read labels, check unit pricing, and buy grades to match your purposes. Private or “house” brands are usually less expensive than name brands. Remember also, that you are shopping for food, not for beauty.A USDA publication, Your Money’s Worth in Foods, is a helpful reference for budgeting, menu planning, and shopping. It includes charts and tables of costs per serving and per pound, and cost-weight tables to compare costs of foods from different-sized containers. Knowing the cost per serving is especially important when meat shopping.After shopping, go directly home. Do nonfood errands before you get to the supermarket. Perishables lose food value quickly if they are not promptly and properly cared for.STORING
Unpack, sort, and store foods carefully. Non perishables in unopened packages are best kept in cool, dark places. After opening, certain items must be refrigerated _the label will tell. Carefully wrap and clearly label all foods that you will not use until later. Storing food is more than just setting it aside for later use. Storing improperly can waste nutritive values.

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Nutrition is lost when foods spoil, and poor planning is the cause of waste. Try to cook just the right amounts of food, and if you do have left overs, use them right away.

Glycemic Index Rice Values

A lot of misinformed rice lovers believe that white rice is a lot better than brown due to the misconception in some areas that brown rice is food for the poor, animals or the peasant. What these people do not know is that, brown rice is a lot better and healthier than white rice. Brown rice is considered as the most balanced amongst all cereal grains.Contrary to what most people believe that rice is nothing but carbohydrates, the glycemic index rice value in general, particularly the brown rice, does not only contain carbohydrates but fats, minerals, vitamins and protein as well. These unpolished rich contains high amount of fiber, protein, flavor, minerals and anti-oxidant phytochemicals compared to white rice. Other known healthy whole grains include barley, rye, corn, millet, oats, buckwheat, quinoa and wheat berries. The the glycemic index rice value, specifically of brown rice is far more superior that that of the white rice, as well as in terms of nutrition and health benefits.

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Worldwide, the number of type 2 diabetes patients have gone to 90% and the pathology is due to inadequate production of insulin in the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas by the beta cells or can also be due to the cells’ incapability to use produced insulin. Some of the risk factors included in the development of diabetes are high-fat and high simple carbohydrate diet, smoking, obesity and lack of exercises. Eating white rice, which has high glycemic rice value due to the fact that it is basically starch, has proven to be one of the causes of diabetes.Based on the glycemic index rice value, white rice easily breaks down and converted to glucose compared to brown rice, and this may cause a drastic elevation of your blood sugar level and a dramatic insulin reaction. If you are not aware, then you should know that the index can be used to indicate how fast a certain food may cause your blood sugar to rise after consuming it. Using the glycemic index, you will know that the lower the value, the healthier the food is. The glycemic index rice value, particularly of a brown rice which has a GI value of 55 is lower compared to the GI value of white rice which is at 70. The white rice’s GI value may even go up and reach 87 when parboiled.

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All foods listed in the glycemic index chart are compared to pure sugar which has a value of 100. This gives the foods a comparative basis for all the GI of various foods. If you are to opt for brown rice which has a low glycemic index rice value, then you are definitely opting for a better health. This is also true for those who want to control and maintain a normal health.